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Everybody would like to sound like Frank Sinatra or Jennifer Lopez! Karaoke is about having fun and having a laugh with your mates. So whether you are at the local pub or attending your friends party, get a few drinks down your neck and away you Simon Cowell won't be making any appearances that's for sure. We love karaoke and the best moments are what makes karaoke. Quite often we will set up a disco and throughout the evening we get people asking will there be karaoke? For this reason more often than not we will have karaoke setup with us just in case. After a few drink people just get the bug and want to sing

Hen nights and Stag nights are great for capturing those "wish I hadn't moments " of karaoke. Some of the pubs holding karaoke like us to add the excitement of a karaoke competition to add a bit of spice to the night, whereby there might be a karaoke prize on the night or a bigger karaoke prize accumulated through the weeks ahead. There can be some excellent incentives to participate.